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"Who Else Wants To Know 

EXACTLY What You Should Sell On eBay 

To Make Maximum Profits And Fast Cash?" 


"How To Build A Massively 

Successful eBay Business..."


You know, there was a time when selling on eBay was about the easiest thing you could do...

All you had to do was list a few items and you’d make hundreds, or even thousands of dollars!

And your customers couldn’t wait to throw their money at you. They would never make a fuss and they would happily fill up your PayPal account with tons of spendable cash...

In fact, your buyers on eBay treated you extremely well because they wanted to buy from you over and over again.

As a matter of fact, once they paid for their item via PayPal, they waited anxiously for your package to arrive. They received the item and they carefully placed it in a prominent place in their display case or in their cherished collection.

Yep, those were the good old days on eBay…. Those days are probably gone forever, right? 


WRONG! Those good old days never left - for some of us!

In fact, those amazing selling experiences are still being experienced by many eBay sellers - usually by Top-Rated eBay Powersellers like myself, who have discovered the secret to STILL making FAST CASH and fantastic profits on eBay!  

But first, you might be asking yourself...

"Who Is Dave Espino And Can He Really Teach Me How To Make Fast Cash On eBay?"

Let's answer this question before we go on...

"I am excited to tell you about my brand new eBay Video Training, and before we go any further, I'd like to introduce myself...

I'm the author of Auctions For Income - the top-selling eBay system that is currently being offered on TV, on stations such as CNBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Fox Business Channel, National Geographic, Speed Channel, etc. 

I am proud of the fact that I've helped more than 300,000 people learn how to make money on eBay. And, the brand new video training I describe here is the PERFECT COMPLEMENT to Auctions For Income!"

Dave Espino

Dave Espino - Top-Rated eBay Powerseller

Dave's been an eBay Powerseller ever since eBay first started the Powerseller program in 1999. 

Dave reveals his money-making strategies from real-world experience, because he has successfully run his eBay business for 11 years and is still a Top-Rated seller on eBay!

Dave Espino - hundreds of vintage Hot Wheels to sell on eBay

"I've bought and sold thousands of vintage Hot Wheels (as well as all kinds of OTHER collectibles) by using THIS system that I will reveal to you in my video training!"

What Dave Sells On eBay

Dave has personally sold thousands of items on eBay and has made as much as $15,000 a week on eBay using these strategies.  

He got his start by selling vintage Hot Wheels cars on eBay - these collectibles sell for between $10 and $500 each, on average.

The highest-dollar vintage Hot Wheels car Dave ever sold on eBay was a very rare car he sold for $9,500... (He paid $250 for it - that's a 3,700% profit! And, he will show you the exact same strategies he used in THIS SYSTEM!)

Besides turning his hobby into his business, Dave has also branched out into all kinds of other collectibles categories; all of which he continuously sources using the EXACT SAME strategies Dave reveals in THIS VIDEO TRAINING!

Dave Espino's eBay Seminars 

Dave presents eBay seminars and webinars to students from all across the Country. Dave's students happily pay many thousands of dollars to learn his proven eBay strategies. 

Dave Espino Interviewed By "Griff" For eBay Radio

Here is eBay's Dean of Education, Jim Griffith interviewing Dave for eBay Radio at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA.

eBay asked him to help promote their Trading Assistants Program and he learned a lot about the best ways to do consignment sales on eBay. (Dave showcases what he learned in this video training!) 

"Here is probably the most important thing I want you to know about me...

I am deeply committed to helping you (and other entrepreneurially-minded people) succeed in your own eBay business.

My parents were both blue collar immigrants, who wanted a better life. They started a humble business and ended up providing a great middle class upbringing for their family because of their business. And I got to witness - firsthand - how the Free Enterprise System could change the direction of a family (and of my life) and I sincerely want to see you and your family's life changed in similar fashion..."

Dave Espino


Alright, now that you know my credentials, let's answer the biggest question most eBay sellers have: 


What Should I Sell On eBay?


The answer is simple: You should sell Collectibles and Antiques! 

That's right, profits of 100%, 500% and even 1,000% are not uncommon in this category and every year, over 2 BILLION DOLLARS worth of collectibles and antiques are sold on eBay.

Collectibles are THE most profitable product category on eBay and when you use my system, you'll have your eBay customers happily throwing wads of cash at you and filling up your bank account faster than you could say "I love eBay"!

Yes, I believe that the Collectibles category on eBay is the hidden goldmine that many eBay sellers unfortunately never discover - it is, quite literally, the ULTIMATE product to sell on eBay!  


3 Reasons

Why Collectibles Are The Ultimate Items To Sell On eBay!


Let me share with you THREE REASONS why collectibles are the perfect eBay product:

1. When you sell collectibles on eBay, you are selling a highly-desirable, hard-to-find product that collectors (with plenty of disposable income) will gladly compete for and more importantly, pay you BIG money for!

2. Most eBay sellers won't even consider getting into the collectibles market, (because they don't know how) so I’ll show you several blazing hot strategies that will create a continuous flow of high-profit collectibles coming to you! Imagine having an eBay business with very little to NO COMPETITION!

3. With collectibles, you GET PAID IMMEDIATELY and the winning bidder treats you like GOLD! (My customers LOVE ME and guess what? No more non-paying bidders!)


Most eBay sellers have no idea that it is possible to create an ongoing flow of collectibles - high-profit items they can resell to make 100%, 500%, even 1,000% profits on! (That's right! I make these types of profits consistently by selling collectibles on eBay)

To the average person, these collectibles are HARD TO FIND! But when you put my videos into action and follow these amazing strategies, you will be able to set up proven systems that make these hot collectibles COME TO YOU, on an ongoing basis!



What Is Your Insider's Formula To Massive Success On eBay?


Before I tell you what's included in this amazing video series, let me share with you the secret to massive success on eBay.

It took me years to understand this secret, and now I've put it into a simple formula that is easy for anyone to remember:


To develop a massively successful business on eBay in 2011...

You must develop a continuous flow of 

high-profit products

that have very little competition

from other eBay sellers.



Simple right? Yes, it is a simple formula... but most eBay sellers haven't really taken a moment to analyze it this way.  

Let's dissect my formula for MASSIVE SUCCESS ON eBay and you'll see why my system is exactly what you need to make all the money you want to make on eBay!

1. Continuous Flow: My system shows you how to get a continuous flow of high-profit products that ensures you will have an ongoing HIGH income, all the time!

2. High-Profit Products: Knowing my strategies for sourcing collectibles automatically puts you in high-profit products. Selling high-profit products means you could now make A LOT MORE MONEY with a LOT LESS TIME!

3. Very Little Competition: These are hot collectibles that most eBay sellers believe are EXTREMELY RARE, but by using my strategies, you'll soon discover that they are not as hard to find as you might think! When you know my methods for finding these hard-to-find collectibles, you'll be easily scooping them up and profiting wildly with them!


If you are ready to succeed massively on eBay, and are ready to discover the strategies to set up an ongoing stream of high-profit collectibles that have very little competition, you've got to take a look at my brand new eBay video training!



How To eBay Your Way To FAST CASH

(Now updated September 2013!)


This is my brand-new, advanced eBay system that will show you my proven strategies for sourcing collectibles so you could make fast cash and ridiculous profits anytime you want!

In How To eBay Your Way To Fast Cash, I've put together what I believe are the most powerful, proven strategies for finding and buying high-profit collectibles and making massive profits with them 

Advertising Strategies For Quick Cash 

In your first video, I reveal exactly how I advertise for collectibles to easily create a non-stop stream of high-profit collectibles that you can get FAST CASH for on eBay...

This video is a critical part of my FAST CASH strategy!


How To Get Amazing Quick-Flip Deals On Craigslist

In this powerful video, not only will you learn my top secrets for finding amazing bargains on Craigslist, but I will also reveal my system for finding these Craigslist deals all on autopilot!

I'll even show you how to set up a system that alerts you to Craigslist bargains as soon as they're listed, so you can win, every time!

Making Money With ZERO Investment

Don't have a lot of money to invest in product? No problem! How does ZERO investment sound?

In this video, I'll show you how to sell other people's merchandise on consignment and I'll also reveal my secrets for finding these deals to ensure you have an ongoing supply of merchandise with ZERO investment!

Several years ago, eBay asked me to help them promote their Trading Assistants program and I discovered their insider strategies for doing consignment right! I reveal these powerful techniques to you in this amazing video.

Storage Unit Auctions And Government Auctions

This is hands down one of the most fun ways to make money because of the "treasure hunt" aspect of it! 

For example: I've bought the contents of a storage unit for $700 and turned it into $5,000 on eBay. I bought another one for $350 and turned it into $4,400 on eBay. These are just a couple of examples of how you can make big profits on eBay using Storage Auctions.

And, with government auctions, you can also get BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE, that you can turn around and make FAST CASH on eBay with!

Your Top FAST CASH eBay Resources

In this video, I outline over a dozen of my favorite "insiders resources" that I've used to make all kinds of money on eBay.

I reveal my personal time-saving resources, my proven cost-reducing resources and my organizational resources.

Every one of these resources will help you make more money by helping you run your eBay business faster and more efficiently. 

Each resource is detailed in a way that you will be able to take these powerful resources and make fast cash with them immediately!


Receive These 3 Free Bonus Reports 

When You Order Today!

Hot Collectibles

In this bonus report, I outline more than 2 dozen hot collectibles that you can advertise for, right now, that will generate fast cash on eBay for you!

If you're not sure what to advertise for, no problem, because you will now have a list of cool, collectible and valuable items you can search for and advertise for!

Government Auctions

In this bonus report, I show you how to find the Government Auctions that I mention in Video 4. 

Government auctions are a hidden secret in the world of eBay because very few people know how to find them.

This report will help you find them so you can turn these auctions into FAST CASH in your pocket!

eBay Classified Ads

Classified Ads are a little known strategy for making fast cash on eBay, for little investment. 

This report reveals the approach to using eBay Classified Ads to make money (without having to ship any product) and even shows you the results of my Classified Ads tests!


The secrets I’m revealing in my new video series: “How To eBay Your Way To Fast Cash” will help you make FAST CASH on eBay with my proven methods.

Many students have paid thousands to learn my strategies in live seminars, but you get to download them and put them into action within just a few minutes from now!

Today Only $97

Special Price $47 

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These powerful FAST CASH resources are available FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD to you - right now - even if you are ordering at 2 am on a Sunday night!

(Immediately upon successful payment, you will be taken to the video page where you can view the videos and download the special reports - so you could start making FAST CASH ON eBay TODAY!! 

Plus - Special Invitation To Dave Espino Webinars:

Order today and you will also receive exclusive invitations to my eBay and Internet Marketing webinars being held throughout the year!

I will be holding live webinars throughout the year and YOU WILL BE INVITED! Get in on the latest eBay and Internet Marketing strategies, as soon as they happen - you will be among the first to discover the latest money making strategies! 


Alright, Dave, your eBay system sounds exciting and I can now see that I can make fast cash on eBay with your proven system...

So, what's the investment for this powerful video training?


Sure thing! But first, let's take a moment and see what this training might actually be worth to you...

  • What's it worth to you to learn how to turn $350 into $4,000 like I did with Storage Unit Auctions?

  • What is it worth to you to be able to buy a '69 Camaro (that you can turn around and resell for $15,000) for only $1,700 by using advertising? (This story was so exciting that Hot Rod Magazine featured my car on their cover!)

  • What's it worth to you to learn how to buy a storage unit filled with collectibles and sell just 5 books out of that storage unit for $2,100? (Yes, this happened to me!)

  • What's it worth to you to develop an ongoing stream of high-profit products that have zero competition from other eBay sellers?


These are top Powerseller secrets that some people have paid many thousands of dollars to learn and have taken me years of trial and error to master!


But today, through this special Internet-only offer, you won't have to pay:




or even 



If you order today, you will receive the entire 

"How To eBay Your Way To FAST CASH" system, including:

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All this - a $310 value...

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And literally within minutes of making your payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to access your videos and free bonuses. 

I hope you're excited, because you are about to be taken to the video and reports page where you can immediately watch the videos, print out the reports and begin making FAST CASH on eBay!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee



How To eBay Your Way To  FAST CASH

is backed by my 100%, 30-day guarantee:

I want you to be thrilled with your purchase!

So, if you are not satisfied with my FAST CASH video training system - for whatever reason - simply request a refund within 30 days and I will immediately and courteously issue you a 100% refund of your investment. 

I believe your time is valuable, as is mine. With this type of guarantee, guess who's taking all the risk? That's right... I am! 

But I wouldn't be willing to take this risk if I didn't truly believe in my Fast Cash system and the benefits it could produce for you. 

I don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn here, but the bottom line is, these concepts have worked wonders for me for eleven years on eBay and I know they could work for you, too!!


Five Good Reasons To Order Today!

1. You can benefit from Dave's 14 years experience in making fast cash on eBay...

2. You'll discover how to set up a fast cash eBay business with an ongoing flow of high-profit, low competition collectibles...

3. Dave's advertising strategies alone can make you a full-time eBay income - they have for him...

4. Invitations to Dave's FREE webinars

5.  30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose - Dave's taking all the risk because he believes that you will love his proven system and make money with it...

a $310 value... 

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